Pillow Sprays

Pillow Sprays


75mls of pure hydrolat which is undiluted floral water distilled from essentials oils.


Our sprays come in 3 different essential oils:


Lavender: to soothe and promote restful sleep


Orange Flower (Neroli) : to relieve stress and boost healing


Rose: to rejuventate and revitalise skin 





  • Care Instructions

    Store in a cool place or in fridge.


  • How to use

    Uses are endless but include:

    • Pillow/Linen Sprays to help you sleep
    • Facial Toner to freshen and tighten the face
    • Room Sprays to lift the atmosphere
    • Body Sprays to lift your spirits

    100% Lavender Floral Water or 100% Rose Floral Water or 100% Orange Flower Floral Water