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Turquoise Power Bracelet

Crystal Power Bracelets

PriceFrom £7.50

Feel the positive energy with our Crystal Power Bracelets, designed to enhance your wellbeing. Each bracelet is made with genuine crystals known for their healing properties and energy-boosting abilities. 

Choose from:

Amethyst- This purple bracelet has a highly calming energy to balance and soothe.

Rose Quartz -This pink bracelet is for universal love. It opens the heart to self love and friendships

Chakra - This bracelet contaims all 7 chakra stones to boost confidence and assurance.

Sodalite: Intuition and speech

Tigers Eye: for protection

Opalite: to clear the mind and increase energy

Honey Crystal (Amber Calcite): creativity and self confidence

Moss Agate: Emotional balance and tranquility

White Jasper: lifts the spirits to bring joy

Black Agate: courage and self confidence Great for grounding too

Jade: serenity, harmony and balance

Blood Garnet: said to flush out toxins. Great for  breaking stgnant , negative energy

Green Jasper: for the heart chakra- perfect for stress relief

Turquoise: the warrior crystal 

Carnelian: for new beginnings and fresh starts


  • How do I use it?

    Simply wear it and enjoy the energy!

  • What people say about it?

    Helen said


    " Thank you for my Amethyst bracelet which I received today. I love the colours-they shimmer and I feel better already! "



    Viv said

    " I ordered a rose quartz bracelet for a friend who was struggling. she loves it and hasnt taken it off yet!"

  • Delivery Information

    All local deliveries within TN22, TN1, TN2, TN3 & TN4 are free.

    For all national deliveries, there is a postage charge of £3.50 (second class) or £4.50 (first class)

    Please contact us directly for larger postal orders.

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