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Can your mind, body and spirit really create a SHIFT?

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Our Nutritionist, Gemma Crutchfield, says YES! This is what she says...

"I say that mind, body or spirit can support a shift and often it is actually all three that bring about change the most quickly; a combination of lightening up the diet, using techniques to support the changes, identifying and reducing stress and then the shift in consciousness, in spirit, that can restore, revitalise and revolutionise our whole sense of wellbeing.

Anxiety is a good example to illustrate the mind, body spirit connection with nutrition. Carl Pfeiffer understood that mental health can be greatly improved with the mineral zinc and vitamin B6; magnesium can also be very useful as can essential fatty acids.

However these vitamins and minerals are depleted by stress and if we are stressed our bodies might not be in a state to fully break down, absorb and utilise these nutrients, simply adding them into the diet may not achieve the results that we may hope for.

Working on the mindset therefore, to reset unhelpful thoughts and responsive patterns, identifying and looking for ways to reduce and eliminate stress and using techniques to help to relax the body would offer an emotional level of support to the anxious picture. Changing this mindset can be extremely challenging and can take a long time.

Recently I used a “spirit” approach on a client who has suffered with severe anxiety for many, many years. Her story is one of agoraphobia and germophobia, so extreme that she barely leaves her home and is obsessively and compulsively cleaning her space, which has over time diminished. She no longer accesses her kitchen, her boyfriend does all of the cooking.

The usual methods of supplementation and mindset work saw little improvement on this circular picture of devastating anxiety and crippling fear of leaving her home. She was becoming increasingly desperate and had been turned down for other avenues of support as her case looked too hopeless.

I decided to access her soul through the Akashic records and here I was led to ask her to work on opening doors, 10 of them in all. She described each door to me and when she was ready she opened each one in turn. Each opening offered a new version of fear to overcome, but what lay on the other side showed another form of freedom.

This was 3 months ago and I haven’t heard from her since.

She called me last week to describe an emergency situation that she had found herself in.

She had called 999 to request emergency assistance for her diabetic boyfriend who had slipped into a hypo and was fitting. She was asked to locate his diabetic emergency kit. She had to go into her kitchen (that she has not been in for a year), open the fridge (which she has believed could be heavily contaminated), open other cupboard doors looking for the kit.

She not only had to call the emergency services but she had to allow them into her home, through her front door. Her germophobia is triggered by hospitals, she never lets strangers into her home, she even fears the post coming through her door and the germs that it may bring and yet she let these paramedics into her home…finally her heart was overriding her head.

As I heard her describe the drama I got excited; for she told me that the moment that she opened the fridge door, she was no longer terrified but empowered. It had taken a hugely emotional event to override her extremely fixed mindset, but she had done it!

Months ago we rehearsed her opening door after door, gaining a sense of empowerment and freedom and here it was playing out in the physical world.

Finally she is ready to go into her kitchen and has now already made lasagna and is planning her next set of meals. Words cannot describe how important this is for her.

Did supplements or diet achieve that? No

Did months of mindset work achieve that? No, although they probably paved the way.

It was a spiritual, soul journey that allowed her a sense of control and freedom; rehearsed in a safe and loving space that has finally allowed her dream of escaping the confines of her mind to become her reality."

Gemma is available for one to one consultations through this link:

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