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The 5 pillars of Wellbeing

What are the 5 pillars of Wellbeing?

Mental health

Physical health

Emotional health

Spiritual health

Social health

What do they mean?

le.lelle.lelEach of our pillars of wellbeing have an impact on our overall health. If we ignore one or more of them or they become out of balance, it impacts our overall balance or homeostasis. We work at our best when each of our 5 pillars work in harmony and have equal attention.

Our mental health refers to how we think, feel or behave. Often life events have a huge impact on our mental health. 1 in 6 of us suffered from depression during last Summer. It's important to talk! (Source:

Our physical health is how our bodies function, Are they free from disease, illness, pain or injury? Physical inactivity is said to cost the UK £7.4 billion EVERY YEAR. Keeping on top of our weight, activity and aches and pains will help. (Source:

Being emotionally healthy doesn’t mean you’re happy all the time. It means you’re aware of your emotions. You can deal with them, whether they’re positive or negative. Emotionally healthy people still feel stress, anger, and sadness, but know how to manage their negative feelings. Enjoying our friends and family and essential to improving our wellbeing.

Spiritual health refers to how we connect with others- do we practice self care regularly? Have we a sense of belonging or of who we are? Having a treatment regularly even if you don't have a physical ailment, will make a big positive contribution to your overall wellness.

Social health is often forgotten and is the one rare of our wellbeing we have all struggled with over the last 18 months. Covid19 has prevented us from virtually all social contact and we are still feeling the effects today in the way we live our lives. Many of us now work form home and have reduced contact with our friends, family and local communities too. Zoom, WhatsApp, FaceTime, live streamings were vital to maintaining our social wellbeing.

What can we do to improve our overall wellbeing?

Keep physically active


Watch our diets

Book regular holistic treatments and see them as essential not just a treat.

Check in with friends and family even if it's virtually


Going a community group or club

Talk to someone if you feel depressed or stressed

Learn something new

Try a new hobby

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